Letter From St. Anthony's is an experimental film created as a companion piece to support the release of the collaboration between Amon Tobin and Thys. Blending together experimental dance and whimsical cinematography this film is an ode to freedom.

Produced by FRK Studio  •  Director: Franck Trebillac  •  DOP: Alan Stockdale
Camera assistant: Christopher Phillips  •  Editor: Franck Trebillac & Ant Hayes  •  Colourist: Darren Mostyn

Thys & Amon Tobin - "Letter From St. Anthony's"
Taken from the Ghostcards EP on Nomark Records
Written and produced by Thys & Amon Tobin
P&© Nomark Records 2020

Lyndy Stout, curator of 1.4 kindly invited us to talk about this film.
You can read an interview here.